It was bound to happen sometime.

Donna: I'm telling your mother you don't know where she lives! Josh: You're the girl I made fun of in elementary school, you know that?

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Jun 13 / 1
notabadday said: It is from Manchester :)

Excellent! It is always good to have that confirmed.

Thanks :D

May 3 / 1
notabadday said: Perfect blog is perfect.

You’re crazy, but thank you!! And thank you for posting so many lovely Josh/Donna arts!!! They are gorgeous ♥♥♥

bethfoolery said: This tumblr lights up my life. Just sayin'. Rewatching the show with a newb and having FEELINGS all over again about so many things about this show, but also and especially about J&D. All 58 pages hit the spot.

Well aren’t you just sweet as can be! And you’re bringing in fresh blood :D Lol. Thank you so much for your lovely message :)

Mar 22 / 2
cordichase said: Pretty sure I just found my new favourite blog!

Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying it :D

solaceandsolitude said: "tagged as: i can't decide how to tag this. i'm too busy staring at the pretty."

I think that's the nicest thing anyone's tagged my stuff with! Thank you so much! :)

You’re welcome! Thank you for making such beautiful graphics :D

rumbleroarrrr said: Hey, that Josh gif is from season 7. I think it's from the second episode, "The Mommy Problem."

Thank you! Much appreciated. I shall go fix the tags now :D